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Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Hardware Tool Industry

Traditional hardware processing equipment is to use punching machine, and then with polishing, shearing bending and other processes and final molding, this processing efficiency is relatively low, long time to do the mold, high cost.

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry has actively combined stainless steel products with environmental protection, energy resources and human environment, which makes the international market demand for domestic stainless steel hardware products growing day by day, and makes the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry become the main force of the world hardware tool industry.

Laser cutting machine is produced under the premise of urgent demand of this kind of factory, and it is a modern processing equipment with good economic benefit. It not only reduces the processing time, but also makes great progress in quality.

In the hardware processing operation, almost all the sheet parts need to be formed on the laser cutting machine, so the application of the laser cutting machine reduces the working procedure and time limit, effectively improves the working efficiency, can realize the dual optimization and reduction of the labor intensity and the processing cost of the workers, at the same time promotes the optimization of the working environment, greatly improves the research and development speed and progress, reduces the die investment, and effectively reduces the cost.

Laser cutting machine in hardware processing can effectively shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle of new products, greatly reduce the input of molds, etc. Greatly improve the processing rate of workers and eliminate unnecessary processing procedures. At the same time, the wide application of laser cutting machine in hardware processing can effectively process all kinds of complex parts, improve accuracy, help to shorten the processing cycle directly, improve the accuracy of processing, and effectively improve labor productivity.


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