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How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine In Security

1.Please observe the general operation specification of fiber laser cutting machine, start the laser machine according to the starting procedure of operation specification.

2.Operators must be trained, familiar with equipment structure, performance, and knowledge of fiber laser cutter machine operating system.

3.Wear protection articles and laser protective glasses in accordance with the regulations

4.Do not process a material until it is clear whether it can be irradiated or heated by a laser to avoid the potential danger of smoke or steam.

5.Operators are not allowed to leave while the equipment is running and should stop if they have to leave.

6.Put the fire extinguisher within your reach, turn off the laser source or turn off the machine when the machine is not working, do not place paper, cloth or other flammable material in the vicinity of the laser beam.

7.When an anomaly is found in the process of processing, the machine should be turn off in time.

8.Keep the machine surrounding site tidy and orderly, and the workpiece, plate and waste should be stacked in accordance with the regulations.

9.Observe the standard process when maintenance machine. Machine maintenance shall be carried out every 40 hours or every week, and every 1000 hours or every six months, in accordance with regulations and procedures

10.Before the first time use, you should manually check X, Y direction in low speed to confirm if there is an abnormal situation.

11.After download the new artifact program into machine, you should run it without cutting first and check if it’s normal to use.

12. when working, pay attention to observe the machine work, so as to avoid the accident caused by the cutting machine out of the prescribed travel range.

Attention should be paid to the operation of fiber laser metal cutting machine, and maintenance should be paid attention to in order to increase the service life of the equipment, save the cost and increase the benefit.


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