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Application of Optical Fiber Laser Cutting in Kitchenware Industry

The advantages of kitchenware products for laser production are very large, good at the processing of special-shaped parts, with flexible, flexible features. Generally speaking, kitchen utensils are also part of furniture. Good kitchen utensils can embellish the whole family environment, but also objectively look at people's taste and habits of life, good kitchen utensils can also let us enjoy a higher level of fun in life. But the kitchen has the elegant miscellaneous, the good and bad intermingled, the material variety also is different, the metal material kitchen utensil is one of them, and this has the metallic luster, has the infinite charm kitchen utensil.

Kitchenware consists of the following five main categories: The first is storage appliances, the second is washing utensils, the third is conditioning appliances, the fourth is cooking utensils, and the fifth is dining utensils. With the increasing role of kitchen utensils, more and more attention is paid to the processing of kitchen utensils. In the kitchenware industry, there are a variety of metal materials, stainless steel, fireproof board materials, aluminum / iron, and the use of stainless steel is particularly common. Therefore, the emergence and use of this metal laser cutting machine has become the glittering treasure of the kitchen utensils industry.

The advantages of kitchenware products for laser making are very large, metal laser cutting machine is also called fiber laser cutting machine, specialized in cutting metal materials laser equipment. Using the characteristics of laser contactless processing, the products cut by laser have no extrusion deformation, quick cutting, no dust, and intelligent environmental protection. When the metal laser cutting machine has high precision and high demand, laser cutting is a very good choice, and it also saves cost.

The metal laser cutting process, as an alternative process of "shear-punching ", is flexible and flexible. For the processing of special-shaped parts is particularly popular, just do a good cutting graphics, imported into the control system, you can set the size of the cutting, cutting time fast, good quality.


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