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Laser source maintain in winter - how to prevent freezing

When using the fiber laser cutter machine, if the minimum temperature of the local environment is lower than 0° C, appropriate antifreeze measures must be selected.

There are three main methods for antifreeze treatment in winter.

1. Keep the chiller running continuously

If the minimum temperature of the environment where the equipment is located is - 10° C~0° C without power failure locally.By keeping the water chiller supplying water to the laser source host and QBH running, the laser source can be ensured.The internal temperature is above 0 ° C. If the water chiller is shut down due to equipment failure or human factors, the laser may be damaged Risk.

2. Replacethecooling with antifreeze

When  it  is  not  possible  to  start  the  water  chiller  every  day,  the  water  chiller  must  use antifreeze.The  proportion  of  antifreeze  must  ensure  that  the  freezing  point  temperature  of antifreeze is higher than the lowest temperature of the environment where the equipment is located Low 5° C. Any antifreeze should not be used for a long time all year round, so please replace it after winter.And clean the antifreeze of all water circuits before replacement.

3. Drainthe coolant if itisnot used for a long time

If the laser source is not used for a long time, the coolant in the laser source and QBH fiber must be drained according to Clean and block the water inlet and outlet of the laser source and QBH to prevent dust from entering the laser source.


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