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Stainless Steel Flagon Marking By Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine can mark LOGO trademarks, text patterns, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, serial numbers,  symbols, etc., on the stainless steel material for customers.

The realization of diversified marking equipment can enrich the industrial chain of products.

Our GoodCut laser machine has the characteristics of fast marking speed, high production efficiency, arbitrary modification of pattern text, marking trademark code with long-term color and no fall off.

Parameter Setting:

This is Raycus 50W 200X200mm fiber laser marking machine for marking stainless steel flagon.Speed, power can be different if your ordered machine is 20w or 30w.

*Speed: 300mm/s

*Power: 20%

*Hatching : 0.02mm

*Frequency: 60Khz

Fiber laser marking machines:


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