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Safety Notice on Laser Welding Machine Operation

laser processing, please wear protective glasses, with safety gloves, after the power on and after the laser power, the gun is strictly prohibited to the human body and eyes, after the termination of processing, the work piece is still in a high temperature state, please touch the work piece with gloves, in order to avoid burns to the hands;
Welding parts and the operating table and the earth is prohibited to connect, the correct use of safe contact  in use gently hold and place, strictly forbidden to drop the welding head to avoid damage to the lens inside the welding head;
welding hair hot, the output energy hours, immediately stop using, and promptly check whether the protective glass is damaged or bad spots, before the normal output energy is strictly prohibited to try to use, which will cause laser burn torch and personal safety.
timely replacement of the protective glass after damage to avoid damage to the swing system optics, no protective lens and blowing air is prohibited, and the use of qualified pure gas (nitrogen, argon), reasonable air pressure (5-10Mpa) and reasonable gas flow (at least 15L/min).
check whether the laser guide light is in the center of the light outlet when used for a long time, if the guide light is not in the center of the light outlet, click the calibration button in the system interface to enter the calibration interface to adjust the guide light source, so that it re-enters the center of the light outlet.
* If there are other abnormalities, contact the manufacturer in time.


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