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Proper Plasma Cutting Machine Maintenance

Every worker should take note of this proper plasma cutting machine maintenance checklist. This guide will keep personnel safe and prolong the life of essential shop equipment.

It Starts with the Torch

Every shop worker knows how essential it is to keep their workspace clean. Yet, employees must also keep heavy-duty machinery tidy so that it doesn’t malfunction quicker than expected. This rule also applies to plasma cutting machines. Workers should start the cleaning process by disconnecting the torch from the mounting tube. Depending on the size of the device, two people may be needed to tackle this task. Once everything is disconnected, people should look inside the torch body to make sure all the components and wiring are intact. If everything checks out, personnel can take a cotton ball and wipe down the part to remove any debris.

Staff should also clean the torch heads of a plasma cutting machine. Sometimes, if dust or debris interfere with the torch head, the quality of the cut will be affected. Luckily, cleaning torch heads is a rather simple process. Workers can use a microfiber towel to wipe away unwanted particles or blow them away. Folks should also take this time to check for any visible signs that the torch heads are damaged or unable to function correctly. Scratches or scrapes can greatly impact a torch’s cutting ability.

Inspect Other Parts of the Machine

Once a shop staff member has checked over the torch of a plasma cutting machine, they should look over the other components. It’d be best if personnel looked over the device’s rails, gears, and racks. People should do a thorough inspection of these parts to ensure they’re in good working order. Once it’s clear that everything’s operating as it should be, workers can clean these components. Individuals should use a dry lubricant to get rid of grease or dirt from the gears or bearings. However, it’s important that people do not lubricate the rails, as this could lead to excessive wear and damage the equipment even further. When in doubt, you can always reach out to our service department.

Investigate Plasma Quality

A plasma cutting machine is only as good as its plasma quality. So, workers should regularly test the equipment’s plasma if they want to ensure the most precise cuts possible. Luckily, this process is relatively simple when working with a CNC plasma cutting machine. Staff members should consider placing a paper towel under the torch head and putting the device in test mode. From there, the machinery will expel air so that people can see if any contaminants are present. If anyone notices dust or grimy water protruding from the torch head, it’d be wise to stop the exam as soon as possible and clean the machine again. Another pro tip is to clean out the device’s filters on a weekly basis. Contaminants can make their way into the machine if the filters aren’t changed as often as they should be.

Safety is Key

After all the cleaning is done, operators should take a look at the safety measures of a plasma cutting machine.   For example, GoodCut machine, comes equipped with emergency buttons that workers should locate before they begin cutting.   These buttons bring production to a halt if someone’s in fear of getting injured.   Personnel should also do another once-over to ensure all plugs and wires are connected appropriately.   It’d be ideal if two staff members conducted this daily inspection together, just in case someone misses something.   People should only use a plasma cutting machine after both parties are certain that it’s safe to use.

Every shop employee should read over this proper plasma cutting machine maintenance checklist if they plan on operating this type of device.   Although these tasks are simple in nature, they’re crucial to ensuring workers’ safety and prolonging the life of the equipment.


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