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Precision Cutting Of Perfect Laser Cutting Machine

At present, the use of GOODCUT cutting machine is more and more extensive, especially in the apparel industry. All kinds of gloves and trademark printing require the processing of laser cutting machine.

Due to the rapid development of the clothing industry today, various styles and patterns will become the mainstream of the times. Simple and bold tailoring, exaggerated fashion hollows, cute and colorful prints… These are the focus of modern fashion, and the laser cutting machine is the main position in the garment processing market. Through the camera function, it is possible to combine some complicated and irregular patterns with the computer and the laser cutting machine to achieve precise cutting.

For example, the GOODCUT cutting machine, the main processes include camera cutting cloth, camera cutting printing, laser positioning cutting and so on. It is not difficult to see that whether it is the trademark printing of clothing or the simple cloth of the upper, the high-efficiency, high-precision, high-speed laser cutting machine has always been the focus of the apparel processing industry, and it is extremely versatile.

In addition to the clothing industry, the shoe industry has also been mentioned above, and laser cutting machines are also used for cutting. In addition, the toy fabric industry, such as plush dolls, is also suitable for some embroidery patterns and trademark woven patterns. In today’s extremely widely used, the laser cutting machine can definitely become a beautiful landscape.

Under the influence of fiber laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and laser marking machine, the laser cutting machine is simple in operation, high in efficiency and good in cutting precision, making it suitable for garment industry, footwear industry, toy industry, electronics industry, advertising industry, etc. Become an indispensable processing weapon in the market.

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