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How To Use Laser Cutter Correctly

Now the laser fiber cutting machine is the latest type of cutting equipment in the world. Through its output of laser beams with high energy density, the laser beam is assembled on the surface of the processing workpiece, and the equipment is materialized and gasified instantaneously, and then it arrives at automatic cutting. Regarding the gas laser used in the past, fiber optic laser cutting has obvious cutting advantages and has now become an important first choice in high-precision laser processing, laser radar systems and other fields.

The laser fiber cutting machine is not only suitable for the cutting of sheet metal, but also for the cutting of oblique angles, the cutting of circular tubes can reach high-precision cutting, and the cutting edge is regular and smooth; Together with the laser fiber cutting machine boot in consumables, work efficiency and environmental protection, but also the world's first technology products. The correct application of the method is conducive to the use of equipment life and cutting effect has a good help, the following describes the correct use of fiber laser cutting power several methods:

1. Insist on laser fiber cutting machine boot all guide rails often clean up, to ensure that the equipment's normal teeth often wipe, guide rails often to clean up and lubricating oil, lubricating oil to ensure no debris; The same motor also often needs to clean up the lubricant, which is conducive to the process of moving in the machine, can accurately cut and ensure that the quality of the cut out product is improved.

2. Once a week, vacuum cleaners remove dust and debris from the machine and keep all electrical cabinets shut.

3. Test the straightness of the fiber optic laser switch track and the vertical of the machine every six months. If it is found to be abnormal, it should be maintained and debugged in time.

4. Insisting on the laser fiber cutting machine steel belt inspection, ensure that the tension, clearance constitutes an injury to the staff.


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