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Can Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Use Air As Auxiliary Gas?

Why should the auxiliary gas be added to the fiber laser cutting machine when cutting metal materials? There are four reasons.

The first is to make auxiliary gas and metal materials chemical reaction, increase the strength of the ability.

The second is to help the equipment blow off the slag from the cutting area and clean the slit.

The third is to reduce the size of the heat affected zone by cooling the adjacent area of the slit.

The fourth is to protect the focus lens and prevent the burning product from contaminating the optical lens.

What are the auxiliary gases commonly used in fiber laser cutting machines? Can air be used as auxiliary gas?

Laser cutting experts tell everyone that fiber laser cutting machine in cutting metal sheet, can choose nitrogen, oxygen, air these three types of gas as auxiliary gas. Their roles are as follows:

Nitrogen: When cutting a color plate such as stainless steel or aluminum, choose nitrogen as an auxiliary gas to cool and protect the material. When cutting metal section is relatively bright, good results.

Oxygen: When cutting carbon steel, you can use oxygen because oxygen has the function of cooling and accelerating combustion to accelerate cutting. cutting speed is the fastest of all gases.

Air: For cost savings, use air to cut stainless steel, but there are subtle burrs on the back. Just sand it with sandpaper. This means that the fiber laser cutter can choose air as auxiliary gas when cutting certain materials. Air compressors must be selected when using air.

However, laser cutting experts suggest, such as 100 watts fiber laser cutting machine examples. 1mm of carbon steel and stainless steel is best cut with nitrogen or air, the effect will be better. With oxygen will burn edge, the effect is not ideal.


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